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The University Of Queensland AustraliaThe University of Queensland's Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ) has a global reputation in the delivery of IELTS test preparation. Highly qualified and experienced ICTE-UQ language educators have developed the comprehensive Online IELTS BroadLEARN™ course, which has been designed to help students to succeed in the IELTS test. Mediasphere, one of the world's leading digital publishers, has partnered with ICTE-UQ to present a highly innovative program and learning experience, which provide an inclusive IELTS course for students and teachers.

The Online IELTS BroadLEARN™ course features interactive and layered learning activities, full motion video, 3D pronunciation tools and an extensive bank of text and audio resources to support the IELTS learning program.

The University Of Queensland Australia

For more information about Mediasphere, please visit www.mediasphere.com.au
For more information about the University of Queensland's Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education please visit www.icte.uq.edu.au

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