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"I'm really proud of my 8.0 band score! Thank you for making it easy!"
- Sarah, Norway

"It's a great program! I have highly reccommend it to all of my friends!"
- Ji, Shanghai

"The Audio Recorder, Mirror Camera and Dictionary Tool are phenomenal."
- Kal, China

"I viewed competitor products, but the content and support through Online IELTS BroadLEARN™ was outstanding"
- Yoko, Japan


"In addition to adding invaluable resources to our course, we have generated much needed revenue from the sale of the bonus licenses to putrchase additional resources for our students."
- Rachel, Director of Studies, India

"Thank you for providing us with an easy way to integrate IELTS test preparation into our high school prep program!"
- Marcela, University Lecturer, Chile

"Our students really appreciate the way that the course gives them extra support to improve the areas of the test that they have difficulties with."
- Gina, ESL, Philippines

"Since introducing this program with our existing program, positive student feedback has increased by over 30% in most cases!"
- Mohammed, ESL Teacher, UAE


"All of my student pilots complete their training overseas. They require IELTS 6.0. The BroadLEARN™ licenses enhanced group work in the classroom and enabled self study. It makes it easier for them to achieve IELTS whilst focusing on pilot training."
- Chen, Senior Instructor, Taiwan

"If you require your employees to have IELTS - then you must use Online IELTS BroadLEARN™."
- Sourav, Head of Human Resources, India

"Give your business the competitive edge - use Online IELTS BroadLEARN™."
- David, Chief Executive Officer, China

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